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Homeschooling is allowed in United States

InfinityInfinity Administrator
edited November 2016 in Homeschooling
Many parents are considering the homeschooling option for their kids, considering the bad influences at school (drugs, company, ideology, etc), worst curriculum, low standards, confusing teaching methods, terrible teachers, insanely slow pace at which the subject material is covered, countless number of meaningless exams and many other time wasting things.

Home schooling is allowed by law: You have 100% right to decide how your child is educated. The states will try their best to mislead you (for obvious reasons) to think that it is either not allowed or it is very hard to do. Both of which are not true.

Currently 1.7 million kids are homeschooled each year. This is approximately 3% of school going children population. The number of children being homeschooled is increasing at the rate of 10% per year.

The aim of this forum is to make the home schooling option easy for parents to exercise. We will make the whole thing as simple as eating a piece of cake. 3:-O

We will be posting material as and when we get some time. Please be patient.


  • InfinityInfinity Administrator
    edited November 2016
    Home Schooling Requirements vary from state to state typically. The worst scenario requirements are as following:

    - Submit Letter of Intent to school
    - Make an Instruction Plan (curriculum, books to use)
    - Track Attendance and Progress
    - Submit Quarterly Reports
    - Take Annual Assessment Exams

    However, most states don't have this level of tough requirements.
  • InfinityInfinity Administrator
    edited November 2016
    Top Universities Like Home Schooled Kids :x

    Read Caltech admissions requirements
    Homeschooled applicants checklist Caltech

    Read Stanford Magazine article about home schooled kids and their exemplary performance at Stanford University
    Homeschoolers article in Stanford Magazine
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