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Homeschooling in MA

InfinityInfinity Administrator
edited November 2016 in Homeschooling
Massachusetts law requires that children ages 6 to 16 attend school or be homeschooled.

State law requires that all students be taught the following subjects:
- English (spelling, reading, writing, grammar)
- geography
- arithmetic
- drawing
- music
- United States history
- Constitution
- duties of citizenship
- health (including CPR)
- physical education
- good behavior

There is no explicit legal requirement that homeschool records be kept.

The school superintendent/committee MAY require periodic standardized tests or “other means of evaluating the progress of the children that may be substituted for the formal testing process, such as periodic progress reports or dated work samples.” Testing or evaluation must be mutually agreed upon by the parents and the superintendent or school committee.

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