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What is Open Education?

InfinityInfinity Administrator
edited November 2016 in Open Education
Open Education is a term first coined by ClarityEd founder. The concept of Open Education is the following. A person should be judged based on subject knowledge only and not any other thing (branding or marketing of university/college, club memberships, alumni support, backdoor relations with industry or governments, etc). Parents should have the freedom to make their kids study where ever they want (no tying to a locality) or nowhere (meaning homeschooling). Local, state and federal governments should have no role in education (i.e. no state run monopoly as it is currently). Each student should be ranked based on "common nationwide" exit exams given at the end of the program of study. Students should be given minimal number of exams, so that they have the time to do real intellectual thinking and develop curiosity. The exams are to be of very high standard and set by one, and only one, neutral, rotating body comprised of Ph.D. scholars.

Open Education has many advantages and has the potential to revolutionize the education sector. First, it will help in finding the really talented students, from all walks of life. Second, only the schools that are really educating students and producing results will survive. Third, it will reduce the current inflated prices in education sector. Fourth, it will make education providers truly competitive. Fifth, it gives an uniform metric to measure all students. Sixth, it will decrease the influence of private money in schools.
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