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How much money does government (federal, state and local) spends on K-12 education?

InfinityInfinity Administrator
edited January 28 in Open Education
FY 2006 federal budget provided $37.6 billion for K-12 education. 95 percent of this would be distributed either directly to local districts or to schools and districts through their states. Added to this, the growth rate of funding is huge.

Major programs include are:
- ESEA, Title I (poverty areas): $13.3 billion
- IDEA, Part B, Grants to States (disability kids): $11.1 billion
- Improving Teacher Quality: $2.9 billion
- 21st Century Community Learning Centers: $991.1 million
- English Language Learners: $675.8 million
- Impact Aid (schools impacted by military bases and other facilities): $1.2 billion

The above numbers do not include the money state and local districts spend on education: Schools get 45% of its funding from local districts, 45% from state government and 10% from federal government. Note that the responsibility for K-12 education rests with the states under the US Constitution.

During 2004-05 school year approximately $536 billion has been spent on K-12 education alone in USA. If you compare the amount of money spent and the results produced, you will be speechless! Nations that spend far less money on education are producing lot better results.
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