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Benefits of SAT prep

AmyAmy Member
edited February 7 in SAT
Can you tell the benefits of attending your SAT prep?


  • InfinityInfinity Administrator
    edited February 7
    All students need test prep, even the smart ones!

    It goes without saying that mediocre and average students need test prep. At a first glance it seems that smart students do not need test prep. We had many smart students who took the exam first time preparing by themselves and got a score in the 90th percentile only. They took the exam second time after prepping with us and got a score in the 99th percentile. What changed? Given few years, smart students can dissect the exam and ace it. Unfortunately, the system makes them extremely busy and they don't have that kind of time. Our super smart faculty have spent decades dissecting the exams, understanding the types of questions being asked, tabulating the frequency of question types, developing strategies to solve questions at lightning speed, refining methods for managing the short exam time and stress level, mastering techniques to memorize complicated formulas and avoiding careless mistakes, and much more. When smart students come to us they get all these in few months of time with us, and hence they do superbly well :-c
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